For Killah Priest, the February 2013 release of the widely acclaimed double-album “The Psychic World of Walter Reed” marked a special point in his career as a musician. The occasion was especially unique to him in that the “P.W.O.W.R” album was the first official release under Priesthood’s Proverbs Records imprint. So, for him, the release of that project meant he was going to be a completely independent artist for the first time in his long-standing history as an MC.

By becoming CEO of his own brand, he now has the ability to take his craft to the next level, unrestrained by the creatively constrictive interests of commercial music production. This is where “The Psychic World of Walter Reed: Illuminated Lyrics” book project comes in. Being that the “P.W.O.W.R” stands as his first release after being blessed by this newfound creative freedom, it is important that it commemorated in such a way that can set the bar for all of Proverbs Records future endeavors. To do that, we need your help.

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